to dan inc

hello! you have reached the online showcase of work done by me, Danny Menlove. over two decades of knowledge, knowhow and experience have gone into this, and I’d be as happy as a clam to help you with any artistic needs you might have.



websites are the easiest way to make a statement that almost anyone can see. one of the best methods to getting eyes on your message is beautiful, interesting or downright astonishing design.  I’ve been developing websites for over 20 years, and while a lot has changed one thing that hasn’t is visual appeal.


great! you’ve made it this far. over the past decade or more, I have been told that print is dead, dying or is a rotting corpse. however, time and time again print needs arise and continue to be an important aspect of not only business, but every day life.


digital photography has revolutionized the way people not only take photos, but it has also changed the way people think about photography. to snag a passable or even good shot an amature photgrapher only needs a camera on their phone and dslr cameras have become near obsolete, bulky monstrosities….

or have they? it is my belief that there is still a place for skilled photography in this modern age. I recieved a BA in photojournalism in 2005, and started my journey in photography about ten years before that. a good eye and a little bit of technical knowhow can raise a good photo to a GREAT photo.